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Fnatic retarded?
golden posted on twitter after winning major that flusha was his idol, and his performance in the final map was exactly why
Actually Birmingham Salvo won CS:S CGS (the biggest tournament ever for CS:S - basically a 'major' of its time) which was a UK team of our finest http://wiki.teamliquid.net/counterstrike/Championship...
Cry is not free
best hltv post ever. excellent analysis, RIP thoorin/ynk. Get this guy in
because they are all highly educated, good at their job, excellent communicators and English is an almost universal language poland have had 1 good team in the whole history of CS, at least the UK ...
Thorin VS dephh LMAO
"UK pros are already rare as pandas ffs" lolz, I spat out my drink. that's funny man!
Godsent Tier 3
jw said in an interview, they've just lost confidence they used to feel invincible and only played vs top teams which have a certain playstyle. Playing lower tier teams now catch them out.. you ca...
rip lg
Splyce vs Envy
Ah ok ;) that's funny!
Splyce vs Envy
What happened that caused crossed words within envy? The desk/casters said something. Who was involved? What was said? Was it twitter?
Room On Fire
Anders/semmler are awesome at big matches - finals etc ddk/jzfb are generally entertaining and good with all level matches moses/pansy/vend are also good ..plenty of others I haven't mentioned. Ev...
DenDD vs Worst Players
ah, apologies. then this kid is seriously the most toxic retard in the scene. he's even bad at being toxic, just full retard