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some people can get fit body without doing anything, others will have big problems to gain or loose weight... its all about genes, nice for you :)
Wisla Krakow vs Cracovia
its called 'saint war', both Cracovia and Wisla focus on each other (well maybe Wisla not as much as Cracovia) and they only care about their city (which means Cracovia got bad numbers when traveling ...
Lurppis twitter.
"I dont care about people opinion" - lurrpis, the butthurt and most toxic guy on hltv... ... and then he replies 22 times in this thread :)))))) 'i dont care'... yeah
Snax is NOT new to be IGL for them.... he was IGL not so long after they joined with bialy (i dont remember when, but for sure they tried out Snax and Neo as IGL for few tournaments - maybe its not...
NiP vs
WP, Nip was better on every map (train was won by VP due to GTR cockyness :D) GG WP
very interesting thread to read, to be here i thought 90% of POLAND answers will be 'John Paul II - pope', im surprised (of course in good way) that Brazilian people wrote down about Fryderyk Chopin o...
Ballon D'Or
is Messi playing for Argentina or he is just borrowing his jersey to some random fan? CR was king last year, superior in Real and Portugal. Tho i feel sorry for Ribery, he did mega good but CR is ...
Richest CS:GO players
ah i remembered a little now, also MYM orga was owing some cash for G5 but G5 had good relationship with MYM manager (sorry i dont remember his name) and they were pretty sure they will get the cash s...
Richest CS:GO players
They never rly wanted to spoil that history cause it wasnt like he just took the money and did hide - he had other members approval but failed. But its nothing compared to how much old organisations o...
Richest CS:GO players
Note2: This list does not include some strange things that happend with prize money - for example LUq taking 10 000$~ (which was reeeeally much back then for Polish people) and bullshitting his teamma...
What did snax do? fat boy haha also ye: +banned on esl +he did spit on another guy during LAN (other ppl didnt help the guy cause they were all smaller etc) +he was coc...
Best football fans? :) Great fans are those who can support their team on both home and away matches, sorry but i dont see any good support in premier league. For sure both ...
NiP vs NiP 2005
TY NIP for that showmatch, so enjoyable and fun to watch, gj!
ESC vs CPLAY also
nip players testing the update with valve devs
- fiflaren +valve wood