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Astralis vs mousesports
Oskar and Styko losing the most important round, both getting killed by a pistol for free. Classic mousesports.
ENCE vs Vega Squadron
First NGL One 2007 and immediately after that, Starseries i-League 2018. Winland CS-scene can't be stopped. Seriously though, well played and good job. Wasn't easy but they got there in the end.
FaZe vs mousesports
Mouz played like absolute idiots. They threw at least five crucial rounds away simply by playing them like morons, in a position where they had already basically won -- the olof clutch being a prime e...
FaZe vs mousesports
Styko was garbage. Obviously Snax wasn't the right replacement, but Styko had to go.
FaZe vs mousesports
I have no idea what ropz, oskar and snax are doing. There should be a limit to how much shit you can suck.
FaZe vs mousesports
Mouz players are completely brain dead. Oskar specifically.
HellRaisers vs mousesports
You'd really have to be as dumb as a bag of bricks to vote Snax as the MVP over suNny.
This heat !
Tell me about it, it's been 30+ degrees for like a month straight in Finland. Can't even remember what it feels like to sleep and NOT sweat like a KKK member in a Wu-Tang Clan concert.
FaZe vs mousesports
Yeah, you'd think that, but it's not how CS works. I mean I was exaggerating, 15-0 and 14-1 comebacks ARE pretty rare, but certainly not impossible or unheard of. Comebacks from a 10 or 11 round lea...
FaZe vs mousesports
There are comebacks from 15-0 and 14-1 constantly in all levels of competitive CS. It's not even rare, I've been on both sides of matches like that multiple times. In all sports/games of almost any ki...
FaZe vs mousesports
Or maybe these two teams play better on T than on CT? Maybe that's a bit more likely than all these moronic tinfoil theories about matchfixing with every single god damned tournament. It's like you ki...
Spirit vs ENCE
"hltv" meaning
You're all newfags.
Best Aimer Ever
If we're talking relative to the time period during which they played, SpawN is probably the best. He was like no other when he was at his prime. People also often mention Potti, but I wasn't personal...
AGO vs mousesports
The old styko is back after performing relatively well for a while, I see.