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Vitality vs OG
Fair enough.
Vitality vs OG
The only thing I think about when watching OG play is "I wonder what the ENCE guys are thinking right now".
in HLTV since 2013
That's pretty cute.
best hearthstone hero?
People still play Hearthstone? How quaint. Played irregularly from beta to somewhere early this year, then quit, and haven't regretted for a second. It's honestly nothing but mindless garbage aggro de...
HEN1 is a fucking retard.
ENCE vs Vitality
The Original God stylin' on these cheese-muncher ding-dongs.
Liquid vs ENCE
How exactly was it luck, rather than Liquid waiting until there was 5 seconds left in the round to get the bomb to the bombsite?
You ever won a 1v5?
In 1.6, yeah, several times. I was always pretty clutch, although there were also some occasions where I panicked and chumped out like a scrub. And that was in official matches, not scrims or mm, beca...
ENCE vs Ghost
What a great concept. Get a bunch of morons to laugh at each other's non-jokes and discuss their favorite fast food restaurants, and use live CS matches as background footage.
ENCE vs Ghost
I don't think it's ever been this ridiculous. They just went like 4 rounds in a row without speaking a single word about the game.
ENCE vs Ghost
Jesus these idiot announcers are COMPLETELY useless. They barely talk about the game at all, and instead talk about literally everything else.
smartest lyrics?
'Cause he handed out Big L's to other MC's. I'm guessing.
smartest lyrics?
You might get a kick out of Kool G Rap's "Talk Like Sex". "Change the sheets? You must be kidding You got to change the whole box spring, I ain't bullshitting"
smartest lyrics?
I try to get a piece of peace and sit and listen infinitely Holding onto benefits, and isn't it so innocent? We try to find another time and underline the cynical Its pitiful we run and hide and under...
Astralis vs ENCE
Astralis might've peaked at 10th best team in the world, but most of the time, they weren't really that good. Top 20 in the world, maybe, but the skill gap between the #5 team in the world and #10 tea...