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Perhaps we need to cobble some more cache together.
UK Scene
It's in a better shape than a year ago mate. We had two teams who were two wins away from EU Offline Qualifiers for Cologne, attendances for LAN events are up, and prize money is on the rise in the...
UK Scene
Wait UK Scene is dead?
Yeah it now reflects that (which is the accurate figure). Hence why I said "During live games" as during a live game, in the watch tab it will include multiple accounts.
Wasn't photoshopped. During live games - In watch Tab it gives you the number of viewers + multiple accts. If in game on GOTV it gives you the unique viewers. Hence the confusion. :D
Many viewers
550k yesterday was the record so far.
The CS community funds the prize pool, it doesn't fund the budget for casters.
LOL... yes he is.
It will help raise awareness in this country, but grass roots level won't be affected by Gfinity.
ESL Katowice
8 teams at the Major, they had qualified because they were previous Top 8 from DHW. You seem to be getting confused with the main event and the offline qualifiers.
ESL Katowice
No. There are 8 invited teams in total. 4 of which have been announced and confirmed. There are 8 teams which come from various online qualifiers.
Still no Update???
Firstly, Activision is a publisher and not a developer company. They have specific game developer companies underneath them to help develop games on a yearly basis (ie CoD) Secondly, Valve is a gam...
Still no Update???
Doing so takes time away from their purpose of being a developer. Valve aren't just a one trick pony company (ie like Riot), they have a variety of projects that all their developers are involved i...
Still no Update???
It's never been their ethos before. If they say they are actively working on it, the community then expects it to be done, however they could encounter issues which the community then sees as "cons...
Still no Update???
Why should they? If they told you every single thing they were working on, they'd probably not get it at all finished :P At the end of the day, it's holiday season. There has been 0 updates to a...