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Humanbenchmark reaction time
Living in China is hard
you either get educated in school or in society. your option now is the latter. based on what you wrote in the post, you are still at a loss. you are not clear of what you want with your life. its fi...
rate fragmovie
cutscenes are indeed helpful to "see more" of what's going on and yes, the cinematic aspect of it is also very good. 8/10
why TOAD still in VP?
ofc from a snakes fan. but how can you still say this while snax rn is more useless with these upgrade young guns. and keep that in mind neo had been owning for a decade already, during which snax pla...
why TOAD still in VP?
its not tao's fault, nobody wants to come back to this team. nobody can igl this team. old vp got destroyed by snakes, byali and the stupid vp general manager. it is gone with taz and neo long ago. ...
stop mentioning this shit team, its time to disband and start something new
hope you are right, i really like this lineup
your sens dpi
dpi 500 sens 2.48 zoom sens 1 elige sens
what's your car?
peugeot 408
Brothers on HLTV?
your brother should be considered as a legend
Snax said TaZ kick was mistake - someone else was the problem
i didnt watch it. i think i had followed polish cs and vp long enough to know well.
Snax said TaZ kick was mistake - someone else was the problem
thanks for sharing, he is doing really well to justify the definition of being toxic and egocentric. you cant expect to have good team spirit with this type of player in the team. once things goes wr...
d2 needs a decent awp which xccurate in this case cant do shit. he is so tilted going against kennys, cant even hold normal angle.