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"sAucers should..."
oh wait, look at this butthurt saucist crying because GTR leads everything in CSGO (CSS2)
"sAucers should..."
... raped in prison, sucking a 1.6er dick in front of their parents
"sAucers should..."
can someone ban this sAucer, please?
"sAucers should..."
...sucking a
Richard comments on NaVis situation at CPH.
HOLY SHIT bet he is crying now, good job m8
Richard Lehis CASTING
agreed, I also prefer rizc casting over this guy. not that I liked rizc very much, I don't, but this richard guy suck balls at this
+1 if CS 1.6 was alive till 2012, imagine how longer would it last, if Valve hadn't split the community in 3? There is nothing wrong in releasing new versions of the game, AS LONG as they are su...
sAucers helping
who cares if they are from UK or not? they are here, generating traffic, helping to keep the forums active, etc... Because of them, is the solid #1 CS:GO portal in the world... they are kill...
sAucers helping
Why the CS communities got seperated
tbh, he's right.
sAucers helping
Best unnistaller for CS:GO?
There will always be some shitty CS:GO files in your harddrive, and some shitty reg keys. format c: thats what I did to get hid of CS:GO, and I am very happy now.
CS:GO = Quake 4
+999999999 Can't wait for a CS LIVE project to start! It would be awesome!!!!
Can you point me in the right direction
LMAO cadred is dead
Richard Lewis on 1.6 vs Source
Great thread, where are the sAucers now?