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Sanctum 2 for free
can i add this through steam?
you set these two links of polish refugees and what ? what's the point?
that's true i saw these banners and i'm ashamed ... guy who was leader of people who carried these banners is currently convicted and jailed... so many people with radical believes emerged so quickly ...
well ... polish citizens can't do shit that our stupid media and even more stupid politics (some of them not all ofc) showed independence days as racist gathering... INDEPENDENCE DAY is a PATRIOTIC MO...
you can't counterbalance shit ... cuz haters gonna hate still ... no matter how hard you gonna try...
Poland most Racist country on earth?
Maybe Poland is poor country ... with corrupted politics but at least they live more or less safe country free of islamic terrorism ... after years of occupation in the past they know what means to ha...
Dating a girl older than you?
AHAHAHA BEST COMMENT OF THE WEEK https://youtu.be/vr1idLs-zPw?t=15
12h drunk stream bitch
typical gold digger slut :)
Trump rekt
"advised by his Generals" typo: "Genitals" best part ^^
r8 my progress
well done dude.
Best band ever
2/10 to be honest
to my muslim brothers
car into muslims [*]
it must be flat tire issue ....
r8 voice
i handled only 10 seconds lul
English lessons
learning english from tv seriers is great because you have conatact with true everyday language ... the method what i use ... download english subtitles and translating every new words for me ... then...