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Taz, cheats, fnatic.
WTF does cheats in mouses even mean......
LG still top
They are a top team but they are not the number one team. Fnatic is and will be the number one team for quite some time.
villiG signed my profile!!!!
Who the fuck is villiG .............
Ryu's reaction to flusha flick
That demo/video shows nothing a normal not brain dead player wouldn't do. Why are people watching these streamers and praising them as gods? Or people that are half competent?
gay pros
Idk about pros but i'm preaty sure Sadokist and Semmler are gay.
VP just disband pls
second best team and then says astralis ahahahhahahahaha
R.I.P Mongolz and Asian CSGO?
And yet dota 2 asian team travel all across the world. They some times have problem with their visas but mostly they sort it out unlike the their cs counter parts.
freak say sorry
This si a PR stunt who cares what freak or s1mple think right? They are both morons.
nV mad
omelete due formage? LE FROGGY?
Muslims compilation :DDDDDDDDDDDD
Just kill them next time fucking pigs.
Oczosinko - FalleN song
Why do you keep promoting stupidity ?
Trying to hype? He screams like the fat fuck he is. There is nothing entertaining about that. Combined with the fact hes preaty low quality caster makes it even worse.
Lurppis rekt NiP.
You are complete and utter moron if you believe NiP changed players based on one mans opinion.
Why is Thorin hated?
Thoorin and intelligence dont mix in 1 sentence. He has some good points but hes far from your intelligent guy. Also some of the facts he presents as "facts" are too far from the truth. I do li...
rate this 19yo
Good aim and Friberg do not go in the same sentence sorry.