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I r8 your handwriting
Ez 4 God dost
Can you solve this HARD 120 IQ math problem??
You have to be retarded to get this wrong. 7+7÷7+7×7-7 7÷7+7×7 1 + 49 50
Can you solve this HARD 120 IQ math problem??
I guess your IQ
1.In high-school 2.4 normal languages +(many programming languages 4/5) 3.finishing 3rd year of Computer Engeneering(Similar to CS but more math), starting masters next year. 4. Global since the begi...
Here, typical leftists.
YES. If you take seriously what they are tweeting(and you should, there are famous people tweeting that they would pay or give some reward if someone punch him) the kid can be killed because of that.
Here, typical leftists.
Between 14-19 i guess?
Here, typical leftists.
Its very apparent they were confused as to what was going on so they thought they'd join in. These ARE high school kids dude.
Here, typical leftists. Here is your "native american" haha
Here, typical leftists.
Just search by yourself man, don't listen to this manipulated piece of crap. The kid was never racist to anyone.
Here, typical leftists.
What the fuck are you talking about? At what point the kid was racist? How the fuck can you assume things without even knowing him? You assume that just because of his smile? Because of MAGA hat? if s...
I r8 you!
fav beverage: gin/vodka/cognac/wine mixed order. fav porn: i stoped watching porn so none. it's degenerating, Gayest cs player: allu? My phone: oneplus 5t
Here, typical leftists.
for what exaclty?
it's not m8
how many files you got?
Can't bet on csgo matches
use VPN?