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1000$ on NAVI
Very risky.
I doubt that. They'll have firepower, but will lose structure, which is more important.
Na`Vi's future
You didn't read it correctly. I suggest -Flamie and -s1mple. Electronic stays.
Na`Vi's future
I think adding someone instead of Zeus won't do it for them. It would be better to go for a radical roster change. Gotta decide on IGL long-run first. Maybe let s1mple and flamie go and build a new te...
Jame to navi?
Avangar most likely top5 after Blast.
Avangar cheating?
AVANGAR vs Astralis
It is exhausting to play BO5 on the stage.
That's a good idea, but I think it's too soon for him to pick IGL role. He will have to compete against world's best IGLs, and he's obviously well behind in terms of game understanding and experience.
They already did that once and took best player in the world instead of Zeus. And they played like top20 team. No structure, to tactics, no game.
-Zeus +Jame
Don't destroy the team.
CIS come here
They are average.
He didn't hit anything against Astralis. Might have been a different game if he turned up.
Hate CIS
Keep us informed.
I don't think you're right about that. The difference here is that DE is a structured team, that doesn't just run around and try to get frags. They are really putting a lot of work a thought in what t...
He has a good brain for math and stuff, so he's very good in inventing some stuff when it comes to economy. According to players that played under him, he's very good tactician and can call a round th...