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I've played and watched CS for 10 years now.
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Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing
MIBR (ex SK)
My question was a bit confusing but im happy that we get to see the name mibr once again , back in 1.6 SK and mibr were legendary teams so yeah :)
Sk new member
I dont know if fox would leave his kid for that, if the offer is pretty good maybe he'll join but who knows, im sure he has a lot of offers
Player model distorted
It's probably cuz of my shitty internet
Buying new mouse
That's also a good idea ;)
Buying new mouse
btw im a claw grip guy :) people have told me about the zowie ec1 but also some steelseries mice
Wildstylez - every step i take Brennan Heart - Just As Easy (Wildstylez vs. SMD Rmx)
Top 3 players in your country
autimatic 2nd pls
There's always one guy that does crazy stuff like this. Props for him, that must hurt like a b*tch. His videos are nice and informative so i like it
Your real name
Best country to visit?
U want cold or heat? I would pick my country, Portugal ! I dont know if you are interested in history or you just want vacation. But Portugal is nice especially in the summer, nice beaches, nice food ...
FaZe in 2017
my key player in FaZe is rain,, he's a beast and he's very consistent. If they can keep this consistency of improving, cuz all i've been seeing is improving since the Kinguin days and now more than e...
144hz in csgo ?
theres a lot of marketing involved on tv's and monitors, i dont know if what he's saying is true or not but i have read several articles about framerate, hertz and other things and its not true. its j...
144hz in csgo ?
its not better to spot enemies, lets just say that you pay more for the 144HZ and maybe a better panel, there are some differences like the blurry things and the dark stuff, the panel doesnt change so...
Jw new glasses
lmao x2