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The first vikings
25% of my family is swedish but everyone moved to Norway, thank God!
tizian is a fucking meme he cant be a pro player
Official MIBR new logo
Like I will ever open that link
dupreeh dad haha lol
Easies ban ever?
Astralis will
Zonic can step, but it’s a good thing to focus on normal stuff
Yes rip, with all the attention at the major if I was him I would have skipped
RIP dupreehs dad
what about having some privatelife, but i guess all want to be kardashians now, also running Onto social media right after something that happens isn’t my cup of tee.
RIP dupreehs dad
i think this will fuel them more than anything, but will be tough for Dupreeh to play it, atleast he had some days gone before it starts
RIP dupreehs dad
:( stay strong, my mom fought for 5 years, got eaten up never stood a chance in the end. there is always hope!
dupree want attention? attention whore?
he can do the fuck he want, and if it makes him feel better good for him, but personaly i dont think its a good thing. i wouldnt like if my brother did that, ive been in the situasion and you should ...
dupree want attention? attention whore?
It’s sad but Life goes on you can’t bury yourself, a lot of people experience tough shit.
dupree want attention? attention whore?
no, ive never seen it, its not normal thing to do here atleast. i lost my mom and never ever came to my mind to post it on facebook. same for rest of my family. this is personal stuff and makes no se...
dupree want attention? attention whore?
i dont, who even use facebook in 2019?
dupree want attention? attention whore?
his motive is so other teams and players cheer for him to win the major