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German language, tips?
ik lol but i am learning it via PC if only I'd have studied german 3000hrs instead of 3000hrs in CS xDD
400+ FPS to 80 FPS Issue
it doesn't matter, its not worth playing vs 200fps guys.. its playable but definitely not ENJOYABLE.. :)
400+ FPS to 80 FPS Issue
How can u play with 80fps? i have like 110-200 with average 140 and i gave up and stopped playing cs, its not worth it, waste of time with that low fps..
400+ FPS to 80 FPS Issue
why tf would u alt tab mid game?? to answer your gf on facebook?
Annoying nicknames???
I am not playing CS anymore so that I can only bother you on hltv xDD
Annoying nicknames???
Hi, I am here to bother u.
Girl problem.
Move on.
frozen pizza microwave vs oven
microwave is not good for health
Your dream (goal) ?
- To Get Germany Visa - To Get Nice And Stable Job - To Get a nice car(some of my aims; audi a7, mercedes CLS, passat CC, bmw 7, f10/f30, e250 etc..) - To find a good loyal girl - Marry - To earn as m...
0.98 k/d nt HUNDEN
Last time you cried?
i know but but..
Last time you cried?
15 days ago, breakup :>>
Ignoring her, Getting other girl, Trying to make her jelly, Flirt with others in front of her, Putting her in friendzone, Talking to her on rude way etc.. won't help u to get out of the friendzone, ...
Yes, move on and find other girls, its waste of time trying to change someone to love u.
German come here, need help
3. its Pflegehelfer job 4. Yes, like yearly rest, freedays 7. Like, our agreement is safe and I don't have to look for other job opportunities.. yes, Arbeitsvertrag