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NaVi Top1
navi has such a cancerous fanbase its unbeliveable
f0rest #13 proof
f0rest overrated not even top30 this year
swag ??????????????????????????? He sure did 'great' in fnatic, hahahahaha Now tell me why would a _top_ NA team sign swag when he cant even attend majors ?
swag ???????????????????????????
Dennis was also on Fnatic and did complete trash as well, so whats your point ?
swag ???????????????????????????
I dont know what are you trying to imply, but dennis "did trash" even when he was playing in a top Swedish team.
weird duo's
Thats because u discovered CS one year ago or so
swag ???????????????????????????
What was your point again ?
swag ???????????????????????????
Its called a 'question mark'
swag ???????????????????????????
My bad, I meant: 'Now tell me how do you _lose_ against a team that is throwing on purpose'
swag ???????????????????????????
Do you really expect someone to spinbot in front of million viewers during grand-final ? Then whats your problem ? A team can still win against a cheater unless he goes full rage mode (which he wont)...
swag ???????????????????????????
Throwing is much worse. When you cheat you only risk to damage your career & reputation. When you throw not only you destroy your own career & reputation but also make people losing their money.
free money ez
Wheres my mod ?
swag ???????????????????????????
Is that his only & hence the best highlight that was made almost 4 years ago ? Wow
Major qualifier groups
there are no groups
Top 10 IGLs ATM (Not pure aim just brain)
karrigan HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA stopped reading after that