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:d loool
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dog disrespectful
GuardiaN tweet
never? :D are you sure?
GuardiaN tweet
"got lucky on mirage" they were winning 9-1 or 9-2 on Mirage. how is that lucky? Astralis made comeback, but how can you say that they were lucky? "rape on dust2" since what time we call lo...
NaVi solution
I don't think ANGE1 is that type of person to fit Na`Vi. Na`Vi players were always hardworkers and dreamers, ANGE1 is washed-up and he would rather go in night club instead of watching demos and bring...
NaVi solution
now I agree with you. but I'd say they could do something else than kicking s1mple who is doing his job pretty well honestly. They could kick GuardiaN and bring someone for IGL (and make seized t...
hltv hahahah
nice joke
GuardiaN tweet
1. "weakest" teams went to play-offs of Major. 2. they lost to Astralis, who smashed fnatic and VP and took 1st place at this event after Na`Vi match if you forgot.
NaVi solution
cmon do you believe this shit posts about team chemistry? he is ok in the team and as we can heard their TS in some games he is not TOXIC at all. the problems are: 1) low performances by "some...
NaVi solution
why s1mple? he is doing his job.
GuardiaN tweet
and they lost 2-1 by maps to a future Major Champion Astralis in the first play-off game... your point about Na`Vi's performance on Major is quite retarded. they were not bad at Major, just a bit unlu...
seized tweet explanation
**** **** = "kick Zeus" "kick Zeus was a big mistake :)"
NAME_USELESS_ retarded /close
happy birthday!!! Yegor forever Champion!