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f0rest has worst major performance of any player
go back to your cave bro.
Counter-Strike in ur language
Kontra Napad: Globalna Ofanziva
n0thing confirms KennyS is gei
how is gay a race? explain yourself, sir.
The amount of sensitive cunts these days pisses me off.. I miss someone like TaZ back in the day yelling shit at his opponents during the games and do 'BM' stuff at LAN events.. God damn these kids..
holy shit these people still exist.. I remember people talking trash about TaZ back in the day.. grow up.. it's just competitivness
C# help!
And did I say that that's you? I merely stated facts. I never talked about you personally. I even said IF you are studying at FCSE, cause there, like I said, many people just don't have the knowledge ...
C# help!
that's 95% of the CS students in Macedonia though(If he's studying at FCSE). They just copy things from the interwebz(stackoverflow). The number of people enrolling in CS in macedonia without prior kn...
Players you miss
Gux, whole WeMadeFox team, markeloff, Delpan, aslak, trace
Perfect life for you
Working in some beach bar in New Zealand, minimal wage 1 bedroom apartment and surfing whenever i have free time.
watch formula E bro, equally good, if not better.. with overtakes and everything and we won't be seeing jumping to cars and stuff like that..this season will be crazy
be a fucking man, stop bitching and start ditching.. there are thousands of them like her..
Smoked Weed?!
you can also chill and have a nice relaxing conversation on ecstasy. try using it in a more relaxed 2-3 guys/girls hangaround or take a hike with a friend or something, if you haven't already.
France is dumb..
Nice bait for more comments, I'm done with you. And if you're 30, damn I'm sorry for everyone that met you or will meet you. They won't expect 12yo stuck in 30 yo body. I'm done with you.
France is dumb..
Never said that I know the best, I just gave my opinion unlike you. Maybe on the way to fucking trump small penis, stop and learn english. I know that English is not required to clean toilets.
France is dumb..
no point in arguing with peanut brain who only insults. Oh, and go fuck trumps little penis please.