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Can HLTV be sued for condone with racism?
Don't like free speech? then fuck off. Learn to accept the concept that your idea of "political correctness" isn't universal. Fuking kids these days so PC they can't deal with reality, your stupid so...
Thw white race.
there is no "white" race, according to oldschool evolutionary biology that i learned there are commonly 5 broad races: caucasians, negroids, mongoloids (rly, that is the scientific term), eskimos and ...
Wrist or arm aimer?
dumb question, everyone uses both in different proportions
Astralis - Most boring team?
you mad cus they are winning? jesus christ this comunity is toxic as fuck....
GERMONEY serious thread
I suggest you do a masters while you get a part-time job, IF you can get a scholarship during your masters ditch the job, study hard and get better, in the long run it is better to study hard while in...
GERMONEY serious thread
"Career" doesn't mean university, basically your career hasn't even started yet unless you have published something while in college. A degree in economics in itself is not really much these days, ...
Shroud appeal?
Shroud does incredible plays, sadly he only does them from home....honestly i can't recall a single tournament where shroud played like he does online vs scrubs. This stems from the NA CS mentality...
too much free time, go get a job?
FalleN aimbot fail
i see nothing suspicious....
fer cheating
"obvious hack" ...stfu silvers.....his crosshair flicked downwards, was his enemy in the fucking floor? no.
Best line-up possible from your country?
Romania has no good csgo players.
XPC vs Nexus
can't believe ex-cheaters are playing in this LAN ....romanian CS sure has reached an all-time low.....
Country you wanna visit
don't wanna sound racist but i'd avoid the middle east for now .....just because of safety reasons...i'm sure there are many lovely people there ....
Christians = terrorists
roman catholic only by
oh i'm sorry do you not like your 250.000 dollar tournaments twice a year and all the other trillion tournaments?