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HLTV kings
fantastic job done by HLTV... they really kill the competition :)
20,000 viewers
I remember ESWC 2011 1.6 finals happening on a monday, working day, very early in the morning, and still 1.6 reached 50K viewers.
20,000 viewers
the finals didn't even reach 20K viewers... morel ike 17K... very sad
mad catz amateur organization
This is the worst CSGO event in terms of administration till date. Congrats Richard Hewis for your incompetence once again.
Richard Lehis CASTING
+1 thats why he is getting 1-2K viewers, no one likes this fucktard. rizC > Rich Blewhis
Viewer count for AMD Sapphire CSGO?!?
1.6 had to start it all from scratch. 1.6 build up team fps esports as we know today. GO is nothing like that, its already picking up where 1.6 and source left, pretty much ALL teams in GO came fro...
Viewer count for AMD Sapphire CSGO?!?
Really fail, this game is deading already, 15yo girls on twitcam get more viewrs than GO
Viewer count for AMD Sapphire CSGO?!?
You wish
Viewer count for AMD Sapphire CSGO?!?
Its getting 7k at finals.. Very low
NiP vs VeryGames
What a fail event.... Delays, shitty low viewers, boring final... Deadred fails again
Viewer count for AMD Sapphire CSGO?!?
Very low numbers, its deading
NIP 8-0 VG
ESC cant play shitty games, only good games like 1.6. Bye
Richard Lewis TRANSLATED
K.O. post right here. HLTV 2 - 0 cadred
Viewers count - CS:GO DREAMHACK 2012 FINALS
Spectators in GOTV won't matter very much, since sponsors care more about the streams numbers. Anyway, in 1.6 and in CSS, in the recent years we always had way more people viewing from streams than in...
COGU & Brazil - corruption
Sure there are better ways, but you need to remember this people are "CS" minded... they played the game (gAules), they worked with the game (LIPE), etc... They just like CS, and ended putting that di...