Been there, done that.
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why it's funny? they lost against much better team atm. they played decent, but it could be much better teamplay from their side
cri iz fri
i would say this just turned into mouz laugh thread
Astralis vs MIBR
wtf just happened?!
Astralis Era
They are unstoppable, looking so god damn good. It's really nice to watch them playing, tactical, good teamwork and individually. Looking forward to see NaVi vs Astralis the final showdown.
f0rest = NiKo
That's different thing. I live in Bosnia and I know what I'm talking about. In our documents we specify nationality by these facts. Balkan is confusing area and sadly it always will be. Educate your...
f0rest = NiKo
And suddenly logic has left the room. He live in Bosnia so he has put the flag. He said that bcs it hard to explain other people situation in Bosnia. Bosnian nationality doesn't exist. You have three ...
f0rest = NiKo
U r delusional dude. We have the same origin, culture, religion, language, basically we are the same nation. I don't know who thought you that, but you are wrong my friend.
f0rest = NiKo
By nationality he is Serb, Bosnian Serb. So he has a point.
COLD > S1mple
dat jokes tho
Tatjanna best girl
nowdays girls 0% brain 100% nudity
Political compass test
feel free to elaborate
Political compass test
S1mple = Ronaldo
is that mean he'll get red card
NiKo I'm done
rain? srsly m8 lol did u even watched him?