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Yugoslavian ask anything
literally by random spraying the sky with AA
Pro salaries
singapore is very expensive, you get 3-4k there for sanitary work/washing plates from what i've heard
Attending Harvard
sure mate, what ever makes you happy
IBP rofl
I dont know what you are talking about? It's same from the start. It's shit.
Attending Harvard
I often wonder, what do people really think about themselves when writing/trolling like this.. goddamn
zAAz getting destroyed.
It's sad. Women will never be good at CS, simply because nature/evolution did that to them.
UI Redesign by me. Check it ou
username checksout
UI Redesign by me. Check it ou
Thanks for input, this is the 16:9 version, ofcourse it'd look different and scaled in 4:3 mode :)
UI Redesign by me. Check it ou
Thanks, experiment on new things in free time :)
UI Redesign by me. Check it ou
I hope you realize its just "re-skinned" version of current one :D Thanks tho
UI Redesign by me. Check it ou
Because I get frustrated by that ... UI From Valve which is almost 5 years old, Guess I love the game that much so i made this, also I wanted to experiment and give it more functionality and features....
UI Redesign by me. Check it ou
Mihajlo? Its basically Michael in Serbian :D
Stop! Post your current clipboard below!
Hltv = reddit
no hltv = cancerchan
[18+] hot girl pics/gifs collection
It actually is porn. Pornography (often abbreviated as "porn" or "porno" in informal usage) is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal.