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Name for my first child?
Jon Snow :D
GPU suggestion needed!!!
Yeah, because NVIDIA is quite active in adding support for a large variety of programs by continuously updating drivers, and they are different in aspects such as operating frequency, size, etc but th...
GPU suggestion needed!!!
CUDA Cores and Stream processors are exactly the same.Infact earlier, the NVIDIA cuda cores were called Stream Processors. The question is similar to asking whether Intel and AMD CPUs are the same or ...
GPU suggestion needed!!!
Hey, If you have a monitor with a resolution less than 1920x1080(around 23 inches), then you're good with 1 GB. GB's don't matter unless you want to play on larger resolutions(huge screens), What mat...
Drunk Indians
How could that be fake? The publisher of the video is such a respected news organisation "The Cosmos News"....daymm :D. I totally support you Mr.Albinho.You seem like a smart guy. #sarcasm
Yes, the market will open after the stats for the games to be played on that particular day are processed.
I don't know what type of retards have free time to make a fake profile and insult other countries? Reported.
NiP defeated Col Col draws with CM CM defeaats Verygames Verygames defeated NiP... confusing tournament results...
shit teams at ESWC
Ok, read my previous sentence again. If Tyloo, Vox and other teams wished to be here, did they even play in a qualifier? Secondly, is it the fault of these countries that no other teams in their respe...
shit teams at ESWC
I am not saying anything about ATE's position in the last three teams. The simple point is that if any team deserved to be here, they should have been here. And if they are not, then maybe it's not th...
shit teams at ESWC
That was not the point. The point was that they did not buy their spot. Secondly, in a world championship you have to invite teams from every country that's willing. For eg. in Olympics bulk of the me...
shit teams at ESWC
There are do-ers who form a team and against all odd try to challenge a team way better than them. And even if they lose badly, they return home with experience and new tips to develop the game scene ...
shit teams at ESWC
Maybe they are the only team playing CS GO seriously and willing to travel to ESWC, genius.
csgo - launch option
Clan-Mystik vs LGB
What about him?