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Refugees in Germany
German states to spend around 17 billion euros on refugees in 2016. Spend in 2016 it says it means for a whole year. You are acting like they are all hoolligans breaking every window in the st...
Refugees in Germany
You are not comparing the same things here... unaccompanied refugee minor equals to a german underage citizen going to school which i am sure there is a lot of costs when for example a student fail...
Refugees in Germany
17 billion euros divided by 1000 0000 refugees = 17 000 euros per refugee. Just taking one page numbers on t...
ETA, IRA, ...
Portugal lucky
With all the crying and diving you don't deserve anything.
IBP petition!
It didn't sound like a last minute decision to trow the game since they gave in advance their skins to bet them on the game they have chosen to trow. Some of those guys have been in the cs scene b...
F*ck usa and israel
You supported the war back in the day when you voted a second time for george w bush.
WarOwl SUCKS and his fans too
Says warowl sucks takes steel as an example :D
Russia bombing civilians?
Didn't know usa drones could walk near ennemy position ?
Germany AMA #1
It's a sad excuse to say that people get killed because it's a war. There are warcrimes that make a difference between an accident and someone that was taken arbitrary and shot. [BOLD]In Belgium...
Germany AMA #1
So when the wehrmacht catch jews it's all about the war right ? it has nothing to do with nationalsozialism ?
Germany AMA #1
hehe :)
racist admin
"polish toliet cleaner", a respectful way to talk about someone or a population...
Source for the statements you made and don't try to give me some dodgy neo nazi site or that a friend of a friend of a brother told you that ? :)
You are a lost cause.