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Never played with any pure swiss teams. No sense in it. Hard to find 4 other on the same level and with the same motivation.
Mixwell wants to leave the US. Liquid will let him go for way less than the BO in his contract because they know that they cant hold a player who is homesick. So mouz only pays for 4&1/2 months of con...
new european team?
hf on getting the ~800k to buy out NiKo and Lowel.
1000$ computer
I think getting a 1050 is not worth the money. Either get a 1060/1070 or go for an AMD card. Maybe waiting for Ryzen and Vega might safe you some €€€
1000$ computer
i5 6600k Alpenfoehn CPU Cooler z170 something board 1060/AMD rx480 120gb SSD 1TB HDD 16gigs RAM 550W PSU cheapest case you find 1000€
ESL Camera MAN
lol. Favelas cant even use imgur.
[+18] Tinder
You: Hey, do you know what the HDMS Danbjorn is? She: No, what is it? You: An Icebreaker.
Dear Pansy,
That's the difference between as good and a very good caster. But you cant expect to only have the very best casters for every tournament. That doesn't give other people the chance to develop and impr...
Mumble or Teamspeak
They both are free. However, hosting a teamspeak server with >12 slots needs a licence which costs money, dunno for Mumble tho. You can rent servers for a few euros or just find a big free server whe...
You seen him recently? He is more inconsistent than a 90 year old wearing diapers.
Motorcycles of HLTV mine looks a little less FN, more like FT.
Calculus help(Devil's Curve)
Daily monkeys hate thread
If you want to see monkeys in your country, don't you just step out of your mud hut?
Terrorist buzzwords?
Got a pic of Cluj for all of you 3rd world haters
How the actual fuck do I get to Cluj? I tried to find flights from the South of Germany to Cluj (CLJ) and only could find some flights to Sibiu (SBZ)