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I love one girl pls no delete
Dude, if you already made a move it's done. The ONLY thing you can do now is to just go on and keep it cool. Just keep it cool.
best pro ace ?
That was indeed a sick damn ace :)
best pro ace ?
That was a sick round indeed
best pro ace ?
Of course there are a lot but Edward's pistol ace agains fantic just always comes to mind when someone asks, it was so clean and fast :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqvlOVX7_gw
Well it's far too early to tell really who's gonna awp, fnatic has a new lineup. But Maikelele is not an option, bitch is toxic as fuck and has burned all the bridges he ever had.
Why did mouz kick nex wtf
Yes, officially he has been moved to sub. But that is not what nex wanted and that is very clear. He was moved to sub because of bad performance.
Why did mouz kick nex wtf
No it doesn't? It says because of his bad performance, very clearly. If nex stepped down to sub by himself why did he remove mouz players from his friends then? He got kicked and that's the truth
Why did mouz kick nex wtf
That is 100% wrong
Why did mouz kick nex wtf
People saying he wants to focus on studies fucking lol. No. He got kicked becaused he completely and totally failed in important matches. The mouz statement said because of his "underwhelming displ...
Why did mouz kick nex wtf
Yes he was and that was very clearly stated by mouz.
Why did mouz kick nex wtf
I never said xD but it is a sort of a smiley, means one of the many faces of laughter.
Why did mouz kick nex wtf
What did you not understand? Just ask and I'll answer bro.
Why did mouz kick nex wtf
I does have some effect. Lets say a 1on1 situation, if you hit the head you are prolly gonna win the duel but if you hit the body the enemy has more time to hit you, and if he hits you to the head you...
UFOs - do you believe?
Lol of course not
Thoughts on current NiP roster
I think they need some young blood to the team. There are tons of talented players in Sweden and the enthusiasm of some future prospect could lift the mojo of f0rp and GTR. And of course kick shitb...