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2 tournaments left only!!!
putin putin da best
2 tournaments left only!!!
yeah, they will play mdl but that's what i am saying that playing qualifier and losing in it against semi-pro or no-namers will be very embarassing...
What I have felt on HLTV is that, observation on HLTV by admins is just like fog lights being used in the sea. When tournaments are there, observers will remain active. and when tournaments are not t...
(SK*VP^2)/3*G2 = Faze
u can look #14 and #23. They also know that u have mistaken in calculations. and I am sure on my calculation. Brackets are not there so g2 is in numerator. so, if g2 =0, multiplication is 0.
(SK*VP^2)/3*G2 = Faze
YES, i still stand on my comment that if g2 = 0, then multiplication is 0. because without any bracket around 3*g2, g2 must be considered in numerator and 3 in denominator. i don't know how u calcu...
(SK*VP^2)/3*G2 = Faze
ok but in this formula if any one team for these 3 sk, vp and g2 is 0 then result would be 0. so, sk - 90, g2 - 60 but vp - 0 right now so, faze - 0????
How to get away from CSGO and have a productive life?
get vac get ban on hltv get ban on all gaming news site for me it will be retirement of vp oldies...
if imt wins : kng/hen1 if gam wins : adren
are dosia a meme?
wow nice
New ranking after today
vp gambit immortal under 10
CS is in generation transition phase... gob b, forest, gtr, xizt, neo, taz, pasha, fallen, markeloff, edward, zeus, adren, dosia, moddii, allu, karrigan - these oldies need some new talent to make th...
A brazillian view into the VP / Polish lose
Team ddk vs Team Bardolph
Ddk ez coz of ynk
even if snax can do igl role then also i will not prefer it because he is the star fragger, his fragging ability will be above the par if he is not doing igl
Immortals vs
legend so even in next major they will be there and that is earned by passing groupstage not by getting 0-3