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First f0rest and SK hater! overrated noobs, Na`Vi always crush them, SK only "good" but not the best at nuke, Lions can crush them every day they meet each other.I'm anti-Tyler Durden

The unbeatable titans, the best team in the world - Ukraine Na`Vi:

Ukraine markeloff - the best magnificent AWPer whole the world and great rifler, nothing else, everyone know what he can do

Ukraine starix - one of the greatest aimers I've ever seen, he is also great with AWP and as a backup player - perfect player

Ukraine Edward - brilliant pistoleer, he is known as pistol king, for sure he is a beast

Ukraine Zeus - great antistrat caller, great tactics and overall performance makes him also a great fragger, he prefer aggressive role what I like

Ukraine ceh9 - the most underrated player ever, when he is on fire, he is able to take down X players by himself when he is alone, great backup

other amazing players:
Sweden Tentpole
Germany roman
Denmark zonic
Poland Neo
Denmark trace
Sweden Gux
Russia Dosia
Finland jigetus
Norway kalle
Denmark Friis
France sixeR
Norway REAL
Sweden allen
Denmark MJE
United States n0thing
France drizzer
Brazil fnx
Poland TaZ
Germany cyx [*]
Ukraine ANGE1
Sweden walle
France Diodel
United States fRoD
Finland BaSiC
France mSx
Norway hellzerk
Russia ED1K
Sweden GeT_RiGhT
Norway prb
Spain xhiroz
Finland aslak
Czech Republic oskar
Russia LeX
Brazil FalleN
Kazakhstan AdreN

Underrated players:
France ioRek
Ukraine ceh9
Poland Loord
Bosnia and Herzegovina pita
Brazil bit
Poland BEn
Germany Kapio
France rara
Russia ROMJkE
Netherlands ChrisJ
United States Storm
Denmark minet
Finland lurppis
Ukraine pops
Sweden cArn
Germany approx
Denmark ave
Poland ths
Sweden face
Norway tacky
Poland drive
Sweden niko
Germany Tixo
Brazil bruno
Germany ninja
Russia xek
Poland kuben
Sweden dsn
Spain MusambaN1
Sweden threat
Germany Blizzard
France HaRtS
Finland naSu
Sweden FYRR73
Denmark whimp
Poland pasha
Denmark ArcadioN

Overrated players:
Sweden f0rest
Poland LUq
Canada shaguar
Norway elemeNt
Sweden Delpan
Portugal foxj
Sweden zet
United States ksharp
Sweden manne
Sweden HeatoN
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f0rest nade fail
don't discuss with me, I always win battle and war
f0rest nade fail
even if he doesnt have nade he would kill himself with nade...its f0rest...everything possible, magical n00b
f0rest nade fail
me with knife > f0rest with 57324743 rifles, I even don't need to kill him, he will kill himself with nade hahahaha:D
f0rest nade fail
nope, f0rest sucks ball of GeT_RiGhT because Chris is much better at almost every match, France 2-1 Sweden last match, even with GTR in lineup so swedish sucked french penis lately ^^
f0rest nade fail
f0rest is the worst player in the world, flame!
f0rest nade fail
but still GeT_RiGhT >>>>>>>>>> f0rest
get right
I mean other player instead of him, even with xizt or someone only 'good' they will lose [BOLD]EASY EASY EASY[/BOLD] even if he would most kills, GeT_RiGhT is another player, he is impressive, he carr...
alive cs 1.6 countries?
I can't see any good team from Norway right now, argentina = wild ineteres? Who the fuck is this team? I have never seen them in action, stupid fanboys only say they are good but the truth is that top...
f0rest nade fail
because he kill noob players, if there is final, he has rating 0.78 or something like that when GTR has 1.38
get right
SK success = GeT_RiGhT, GeT_RiGhT GeT_RiGhT and [BOLD]GeT_RiGhT[/BOLD], without him, SK would easy lose to Na`Vi
get right
f0rest is weaker than GTR, If you dont believe watch couple of demos, in every match almost, GTR is better,he do more etc. and GTR=NEO,trace,markeloff,starix
f0rest nade fail
because they lost motivation after sad lucky lose at inferno, they should win this, then motivation would be better and dd2 16:3 for navi would be
I think coL,mouz or roccat would bring them, they have a lot of money and sponsors mouz ofc as second division, for example red-germans, blue-polish :D
you are russian, why polish flag?