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Thoorin racist Someone had to apologize. This thread is proof that is full of retards. Racist jokes are not ok - period. Specially, when you're in a...
Seriously ... VP ...
An idiot and an ignorant. Def not sweede. We cook it 1001 different ways. Might you be so lucky to try one of those dishes. [BOLD]NeverChangeHLTVusrsLOL[/BOLD]
Seriously ... VP ...
Yeah, we charge idiots like you more for bacalhau. We call it "tax for idiots".
Seriously ... VP ...
Really? Einstein over here. RIP your real money, idiot. PS: Stop fakeflagging. Swedish are smart.
Seriously ... VP ...
RIP OP's $44.
Olof hacker
taz is the captain, right? He can sv_olofgodlikemode 0
cuz he kind soul
Brazil wtf
It's normal that UK has a lot of b8 and fisherm8s, since you're an island. Maybe you should put down the fishing pole and pick up the mouse and play CS:GO more.
Brazil wtf
EU shaking
It's good that brazilians are so hungry to win, after investing so much time and resources in it. It makes for awesome CS:GO! Thanks, I guess.
seized and game of his life
You're contradicting yourself. If seized had the game of his life, he outperformed the opponent in many situations. He wouldn't do it without the support of teammates, even if they underperformed ...
Reddit Toxic
True, true! Way more fun. :)
Reddit Toxic
With good moderation, yeah. But it isn't fast enough. You still see a lot of dumbass opinions and lots of rage because of all the betting and losing.
Reddit Toxic
HLTV isn't much better, community-wise. Full of cancerous kids and crying divas. Let's not forget about the 100's who bet and lose, and complain on the forums. Idiots. is awesome for the r...