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RIP Lurppis (Light Candle for him)
WHAT LOL he doesnt even write the best csgo articles, if you mean the best on HLTV then yea...
Best CoD ever Made ?
cod1/uo + cod2 + cod4:mw were the only good cod games ever released if anyone says otherwise is just a console kid or mentality handicapped. just because infinity ward decided to spend a couple m...
Hardest rank to rank up from?
done it in 4 without queuing up with other globals.. i think its more about how good you do personally and the rank of the people you kill/die from that calculates your ELO.
Hardest rank to rank up from?
not really
Hardest rank to rank up from?
i got global after winning 4 games in a row... from what i remember it went LDLWDWWWW> global
sensitivity < 1
anything above 1.2@ 400 dpi is too fast for me
sensitivity < 1
for you
Russia fighting in Ukraine CONFIRMED
its not really a war between ukraine and rebels.. its more like a war between russia & the west. http://theantimedia.org/video-surfaces-allegedly-showing-us-military-contractor-acting-as-ukrainia...
BF 4
shit game, ill wait for battlefront
CHEAPEST 300fps build
you could build a $5000 alienware PC for $2500
CHEAPEST 300fps build
thats because hes got an i7 3770k kappa
CHEAPEST 300fps build
i also use a 2nd monitor but only for teamspeak when im "playing", i dont think it really effects FPS. my specs> CPU i5 2500k @ 4.4 GHz RAM 8 GB Corsair Vengeance Videocar...
richard lewis
never said he was, i was a cod4/css player, i just remembered why everyone flamed and hated him :D
Swag :(
you wont get into any good teams if ur banned from majors.
new EG team
EG aint even an org anymore...