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university/city advices
whel there is a big difference between the people of amsterdam and rotterdam the more open and social are from amsterdam in rotterdam it takes more time before they open up and let you in. if it was ...
Dazed CS Genius
nah the problem is thorin is a great historian but doesn't have the inside off the game like former pro's have like dazed.
SK best ?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
sk 2003
Female CS
they stil can compete in the normale leagues i don't see the point.... it isn't about being stronger our thougher..... it is the same for girls boys women men all the same in gaming....
SK best ?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
pfff in the history off cs.... nope in source and 1.6 there where more teams that where dominated in there period.
Most consistent player in tier 1 ?
nah men the former 4k lineup with the dutch guy kwak was great also :X that was before that ;)
the reason you didn't feel like he was putting a mvp performance evry map is a sign that he is 1 of the greatest remember evrybody was what why is olafmeister have so many kills you can't remember the...
f0rest is coming up from behind...
nah men never forget the ninja magic is always around the corner :) and playoffs that is where get and xizt for realy shine
f0rest is coming up from behind...
you don't know that.... you think you know but you can't because pyth was not there and with threat they play different.... evry person do things in a unic way so making threat play is just so differe...
Taco twitter
uhm getting 2 the final in a major is something you can be proud off all those hard working hours you put in praccing getting better and better training with the team. he is a part of the 5 man that i...
Faggotzoid & p1mple
freak was just playing with simple and simple took the bait :)
snax vac
yee but don't forget that some people just have a six sense for strange stuff.... timing is almost on point that someone just looks away and then he peaks... those things you can't learn that is just ...
snax vac
ye i just miss the good old days when the scene was not so dumb.... but at least the franchise didn't died!!! you are right my good sir skeleton leave the brainless kids alone... but it is just i can...
snax vac
there was first won then there was vac also in 1.6 so yee good info you have there. not that it was a very good anti cheat but it stil was there. bust videos yee from random online kids but from sea...
snax vac
dude... for real? dude you serious ? for real ? you serious ? why are the pro players pro ? because they have raw aim ? no raw aim, game sense, communication skillz, brains. why you don't get the ...