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BIOS Recovery HELP!
No i haven't flashed it, that's what im trying to do
BIOS Recovery HELP!
Yeah i've tried that already, unfortunately to no avail.
Counter Strike online 2?
not sure if anyone else noticed, but the interior of the building at 8 sec looks like the one from Men in Black (just FYI). vs
Bot + teleport + deathmatch plugin AMX mod?
it is called the "spamming tool" you can download a version here:
Funny how people change their views according to others!
Tongue Twister Fun with pauLo, prebz & CINDER
yeah its better if you say it first, then tell your friend to repeat it. They always say smelt fart instead of felt smart.
Tongue Twister Fun with pauLo, prebz & CINDER
Say this fast... One smart fellow, he felt smart. Two smart fellows, they felt smart. Three smart fellows, they all felt smart.
win7 fix
Some people used to mess around with the windows 7 accessibility settings to adjust their mice. You can find two adjustable sliders by going to... Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access...
CS:GO hours ?
CS:GO 0 hrs - last 2 weeks 17.5 hrs - all time CS 1.6 11.8 hrs - last 2 weeks 1933.8 hrs - all time
noforce help
here... even more "worthless information about your worthless mouse"
noforce help
I have so much crap in my browser's bookmarks. Anyway, here's some more info on the markC mousefix if you want it: Supposedly it works on XP, Vista, 7, and ...
noforce help
The markC mousefix changes the windows registry SmoothMouseXCurve and SmoothMouseYCurve. I'm not exactly sure how the values it uses are chosen, but it's supposed to eliminate acceleration (obviously...
cs 1.6 mouse acceleration on windows 7
no need to change DPI for RInput Create a batch (.bat) file with the following text: START C:\*folder*\RInput.exe hl.exe Obviously replace *folder* with the correct destination of the RInput ex...
Return of cs 1.6
yes!!!! cs:go is not even breaking 20k peak players anymore
I was under the impression that 16:9 aspect ratio is the best for CS:GO...supposedly your FOV is larger. If you play with 16:10 or 4:3, the sides get cut off. Can you change the fov to 90 with 4:3?