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CSGO on Acer Aspire Switch 10
I dont really want to play, like I said :D .. For example, If I'm travelling during ESL Katowice, then if there was a possibility, will it run?
CSGO on Acer Aspire Switch 10
Rare Stickers add Value? Trolling INC
Agreed. But I think everyone is talking in terms of trade only. Market never counts the stickers anyways.
Rare Stickers add Value? Trolling INC
Depends upon how that "RARE" sticker was used. A while back someone posted an image of his AK jaguar with a iBP | Katowice (Holo) , on that gun. He placed that sticker on that Jaguar's head and rename...
Anders' pronunciation
About 70$. Got a Glock Fade in game drop about one year ago. 3-4 months ago got a HOWL FN for that in a trade.. then prices went up.. Got a knife. Rest is all Betting.. Current Inventory worth about ...
Best movie you ever saw
Forrest Gump Gladiator (nothing can beat when you watch it in a movie hall and ppl in movie are cheering MAXIMUS! MAXIMUS! .. Goosebumps!) Fight Club Pulp Fiction The Prestige Inception The Man ...
Girls way to scam lol
NiP + VP merge!
Looking to buy a new 144hz monitor.
XL2411Z all the way
CS:GO | How To Bhop (Tutorial/Tips And Tricks)
Finally! :) You took your time.
Worst highrated movie you've seen?
The Dude disagrees with you.
Ping Problem
Bad Timing eh >_<
de_tuscan - BETA - latest updates / patch notes
OMG is this for real?? (I'm at work so I can't check it.)
Need New Phone, Sick of Galaxy series
You can wait for Nexus 6. There is no news yet but it might come out in early November or Late October. If you don't want to wait and don't want to waste all that money, get a Nexus 5. It's quite good...