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i will r8 ur car
At least you are not fakeflagging ;D
found out my gf is..
Sounds like you are from Alabama..
i7-3820 csgo fps
Possibly in order to upgrade to newer version he would need to change mobo + maybe ram. So going full budget..
[18+] sexwife
Well I am pretty sure that when you say threesome you mean - me and two girls, not me, my wife/gf and other dude ;D
[18+] sexwife
The fastest way to get someones attention is to remove yours :) Go on with your life, if she will come back that she is not that into open relationship ;) Unless open relationship is something that yo...
[18+] sexwife
People that do that are called swingers. If you are stupid enough to enjoy seeing your wife/gf being fucked by another guy - go for it :)
Buying new TV
I am sure that all Danes shop in India and pay in Rupies ;o
Actually legalizing it brings more competition to the market, leading to sort of a price war. In countries where it is legal they are paying less per g, then i.e. I am on a black market. You need to t...
Isnt it true that in Turkey you can pay to get the military shortened to like two months or smth?
Just did eat ~4300 kcal in 1 meal
You are an American, nothing new.
Besiktas vs Hard Legion
Actually I am, they are demanding bigger money while being stomped by Tier3 :)
Besiktas vs Hard Legion
Women teams need more invitation to tournaments, more prize money and more salary!!!!
Hide and Seek [Wtf is this genre 18+]
Why is it so big in India though? I am working with few Indian guys and literally all of them play mobile PUBG..
Louis Vuitton <3
Can u make same photos (same background) with paper saying "Hi HLTV 12.10.2019" ?
r8 pizza :D
How does having ketchup on top of pizza relates to financial situation?