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Fragsters vs Nordavind
ez refrezh aka reef-keef
refrezh is the next Danish big thing
the next SpawN!!
HellRaisers vs North
and now all the deadfox haters can go back to playing their silver cs :) gz hellraisers!
EnVyUs Academy vs Epsilon
ez hadji
another bot saying someones cheating. he is not cheating you silver fucks
ZyWoO vac banned
eFuture vs soNOFF
I dont even like eFuture but a player like sycrone deserves far more credit. The amount of work he puts in tactics etc are so much more valuable than a cadiaN that might frag just a bit more.
cant argue with stupid people ;)
Yeah because its Valves decision on whether he is allowed to compete at a "small event" such as Copenhagen games right? get your facts straight before you talk shit amigo. atiendes?
Overwatch?? >csgo??XXDDDDD
oh so you cant counter ana+soldier? ofcourse you can you idiot. all you bots who say overwatch is a "easy game" are complete garbage i bet. Overwatch takes even MORE skill because you cant just carry ...
Cold is without a doubt one of the best in the world in terms of overall raw skill. He also have some great game sense, and "mid round" calling skills in him. I'd say coldzera, flusha, olofmeister & n...
Cold is NOT hacking
Coldzera is the best player in the world. EOD
exactly. people need to calm their tits.. you cant be good in every game you play. its all about how you get back up after a perfomance like that. sad thing here is he doesnt get a second chance as th...
CPH Wolves vs Publiclir.se
ez percy
flamie thrower confirmed
Why the fuck would someone like flamie throw, when he has nothing to gain and everything to loose risking getting caught? The amount of stupidity we see in HLTV threads daily is unbelieveable. get a f...