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FCBAYERN vs FCBARCA STREAM? scroll it down you'll have plenty of links this website provides a lot of stream's links for every matches
MAD Lions vs Nexus
they thought they would be better without god HUNDEN , you can't insult a god without being pusnished now it's over for MAD LIONS
Heroic vs MAD Lions
no hunder no win dawgs
will you save us from a cataclysm & earthquake if it happens bro?
Messi VS Ronaldo at their prime
mad cuz bad? ronaldo was bad during the whole tournament that he won so stfu lul he only played well vs Wales wowww Messi brought Argentina to a WC Final by himself plug your brain maybe i bet you h...
Messi VS Ronaldo at their prime
Messi raped Ronaldo when he was at his prime, Ronaldo cried like a lil girl Messi >>>>> anyone at his prime but it was long time ago , before 2013 this guy could 1v6 10 times per match easily Messi...
volvo doesn't care about cheaters. cheaters are their biggest source of money because they buy an infinite amount of accounts to boost silvernoobs
Ballon D'or
maybe Benzema if real wins ucl?
r8 cars
you deserve a ban
GOAT of every sport
zywoo lol , fox is the cs goat ofc those who says that cristiano ronaldo is cs goat , lul he isn't even in top 5 football players history
GOAT of every sport
erdogan plans to ban twitter, youtube, instagram
he is right to do this don't worry you'll still have cs go & he should valorant too
Dignitas vs FATE
pls f0rest leave this noob team
most overrated football player
griezmann & cristiano ronaldo