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Game of thrones free
How do we get one month free on HBO ? For me it offers 2 weeks..
Unreal man... GOAT is not enough to describe him :d
Astralis vs NiP
This is gonna be one hell of a match ! You can do it boys ! Go NiP ! :)
NiP vs Vega Squadron
NiP gonna lose now unfortunately. They are making so many stupid mistakes :/
" after i go to sleep " Nice bait.
Rate this polish Girl
Eyebrows and lips ruins it all tbh, otherwise very nice legs and body, and I like her hair. I will give her 5 / 10, could be 9 with natural looks and without duckface attitude.
Respect OGC
HOW SO ??? Dude its not about being better. If they knew they could not play the games why even start the whole qual. process. One more amateur team could have the chance to make it then...
Respect OGC
I like those guys tbh, but absolutely no respect for what they just pulled now... They wasted time and a spot from other teams who actually could try to qualify not just play for fun.This is a major q...
Vitality vs Kinguin
Wow no team can lose EZ rounds the way like Kinguin does :DDDDDD
Vitality vs Kinguin
LOL I just started to watch, biiggest throw ever !!!!!!!!
Astralis vs Liquid
And this is why you shouldnt do drugs kids.
Dev1ce LMAO
You are wrong. Team achivements, trophies matters a lot in MVP race just like in any other sports !
Astralis vs mousesports
wow magisk what a great guy, he is really good with interviews now !
FaZe vs Liquid
OMFG I just started to watch this match and already laughing my ass off, they are so bad :DDD
I'll give you one tip
Hit me.