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Gaming since 1999. Is that enough ?
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Some 1.6
BIG LIKE! Every single minute was worth it .
help guys
Make one from paper , origami type , very strong especially for gaming .
gg guys
so CS officially deaded?
I don't really care , since there are plenty of pub servers in my list and mix invitations on my steam . ;]
Do you smoke?
At least i'm not stalking people on the internet to criticize their posts and in the same time making the same mistakes as them . You are non-sense from the beginning , can't you realize it ? Look at ...
Do you smoke?
Child , the only retarded thing was the sperm which you came from . You are arrogant and egocentric . 15 year olds with that kind of attitude are the problem yes , you are a disgrace for our country ,...
Mini Frag Movie by Igor "Davisville" Pudovkin
O! I liked that . Pretty damn mint . 8)
CS 1.6 Broken Bullet registry, bad recoil, impossible to play.
Try this userconfig : :)
Do you smoke?
I've missed the line where i'm asking for your opinion kid . I bet you used google for every word in my reply to see where i have a mistake , after that it probably took you 30 minutes to figure out h...
Do you smoke?
It seems you didn't noticed that it's written like that with purpose and for the fun of it . Instead of being happy that we are from the same country you just act smartass on the internet , online jok...
Do you smoke?
Maybe put the glasses on granny ? ;) jizz-jizz
Do you smoke?
Ciggies are shet , but i smokez , less then before tho . But i've always liked ganjy , i smoke it with joy . 8)
E5200 Overclocking
I'm bangin' one E5200 on 2.5 and i'm pretty satisfied since i play only CS 1.6 , but! the guy that built my PC said that if i want to overclock in the future it can probably hit 3.0 without problems ,...
My Best 60sec
Haha n1 . I've never finished for 60 sec :/ Nice movie tho . vs exotic
Atleast turn the stream on . PLIIZ!