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Steam Sale
good idea.
i am a nice guy :)
you could have donated it to Unicef :(
Edward and f0rest, coincidence????
cmon all go! lets copy get_right config and we will be all pros so the scene will become ultra big ;))))). LET NA'VI BLUE,RED,YELLOW,WHITE,GAYFLAG BEGIN
smurfs in comp
it's just ridiculous being LEM, Supreme or GE and smurf to play against novas or master guardians, they say that u learn from playing against them but what the fuck do U learn? Why the fuck are you pl...
Richest country in the world?
the reality
steelseries siberia elite
u cant expect that from a high tier headset, what a shitty build. I got Marshalls Major fx and happened the same and even worse..
steelseries siberia elite
its clean man, no illuminati confirmed
how manyy beer you need to get drunk )))
1 joint is enough
Boycott fnatic
lol fnatic in your heart
NiP Allu
he carries an ak in his bag
Best movie you ever saw
The Secret in Their Eyes, The Aura, Thesis on a Homicide, Matrix trilogy, The Scapegoat, The Shawshank Redemption...
7K donation rofl
there's actually poor people (most of them) for your information, that work way more than all of us, and cant afford a decent life. Dont confuse laziness with lack of opportunities...
7K donation rofl
donate for someone who really needs it, poor people, natural disasters victims, etc... lets waste our money on twitch gentlemans
-cobblestone +aztec
i love the old school times where aztec was in the tourney's poolmap
Make the game better
make a blog about it!