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$700,000, FaZe most expensive CS:GO team in history
VP are VERY popular, firstly it has a GIANT fanbase in Poland (as the only polish team) + they have pasha's fanbase, than comes 1.6 diehards who love neo+taz and snax-lovers. the only "not popular" pl...
Bhopping xD
phoon wannabe.
Very underrated pros
u cant be underrated while being bad
NA scene in a nutshell
it is not a keylogger, but it's your choice) © Anton 'Zorkz' Lundstrom 2016
ching chong chang chung
steel moraless ?
cmon guys, ofc he knew. how the fuck do u imagine the situation, where your team is losing to random freaks and u ask your mates 'WTF IS WRONG GUYS?' and they reply "cmon, they are just better than u...
guess i cant c this topic
15-0 never forget.Yes or no?
16-0---------16-0---------------------------------16-016-016-0 16-0-------16-0----------------------------------16-0---------16-0 16-0-----16-0-----------------------------------16-0-----------16-0 ...
exactly what i said a year ago. You shouldn't have a lot of ingame knowledge to be a good caster and vice versa.
the vidoe is fun but I wonder how did u get global with that aim control and movements
Loose yourself The way i am Soldier Nowdays he is more on pop instead of high-quality rap. like he raps in "Soldier" in verse3 "I spit it slow so these kids know that I'm talking to em Give it ...
seems like u dont know the REAL EM
Reaction on lesbian couple in Russia
actually IMHO it is not well-manared to kiss\lick in public, doesnt matter gay or not. if u want to have sex\make deep kisses do it in private
meat her 0_0
SK fucking sucks
sk is shitty org, why does it deserve good team?