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Erdogan saved turkey
Credit to Erdogan, he made Turkey into an even bigger shithole than it was before, really didn't think that was possible.
Yea he was just cheating his ass off on esportal and esea, but I'm sure he didn't cheat in an important qualifier.
Pretty easy to qualify with Spywar and then kick him when he gets banned for cheating lmao
Reddit CSGO?
Why are they so obsessed with Shroud and NA CS? Tier 3... tier 2 at best! Should be all like "KennyS crazy clutch", "Dev1ce hot as fuck", "Niko back at it". Instead it's "Shourd laughing at YouTu...
If NiP beat Astralis
If gambit beats VP
Sweden has the highest rape rate worldwide because of immigrants you fucking moron, reports of rape have fucking skyrocketed since mass immigration started here.
Racist people
Humans share 50% of the same DNA as a banana, are you telling me we are half bananas?
Racist people
Why though? Can't handle different opinions on the internet of all places?
Racist people
Racist ACTS are a crime, THINKING you are better than someone because they are black and you are white is not a crime.
Racist people
When will people stop treating racism as the biggest crime ever? It's still an opinion in it's core, when you beat people up because of their skincolor then it's a different story because beating some...
drunk tattoo
Get something that really shows you can't make responsible decisions.
ahahahah Sweeden
I can assure you I make more as a poor student than you do cleaning toilets in a whorehouse.
ahahahah Sweeden
Go clean some toilets you pathetic whiny cunt.
Brexit supporters
Lol those videos are very informative with sources to prove their points, guess you were too retarded to click on them to figure it out.