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Nip 2005 vs Nip 2013 :D
because that's the way they want it, 2k13 to show some respect for 2004 as to people who created that team. its not WCG finals gosh .. -.-
Nip 2005 vs Nip 2013 :D
NiP 2004 wins CS1.6 NiP 2013 wins CS:GO
cs text font kills up right like wwinoutpro :
here...i just downloaded it from winout...str8 to u guys :D http://speed...
CS1.6 Wallpaper pack
can someone reupload it cause im having difficulties downloading it :/
Na´Vi in CS:GO
csdm score?
Your gaming gear from a dream
Mamba QcK + Tiamat 7.1 Tarantula Intel i-8 quad core
no more cs
hahahahahahahaha your english sucks LOL hahahahahahhaha trolling yourself LMAO!!!
Need well working nonsteam cs! :) I don't know which one is working right now,it's p48 Counter Strike,I recommend it.
what opinion u agree with
I agree that cArn is not payed,and I KNOW that GO will not survive not even close as long as 1.6 did [still more popular] but cArn is an awful 1.6 player honestly hes nerd and I had a chance to watch ...
what you miss from old times? [old] Evil Geniuses Meet Your Makers Mousesports mTw NoA Team 3D Big events lik "WCG,ESCW,CPL,a lots of others... but what I miss the most is the attention the people used to give w...
Valve is releasing a new veriosn of CS 1.6 in about a month!
im not kidding
Natus Vincere vs
GL! Rape 'em!
Cs Go Vs 1.6
Don't ask those kinds of questions anymore,I mean who is crazy enough to switch form 1.6 to GO.Think about it CS:1.6 has survived over 10 years of existence as the most popular game in the world and i...
BEST Gaming Headset ?
Razer has the new ones the name starts on T i forgot,they are probably the best in the world right now but i suggest razer product anyway,i got steelseries siberia v2 and it's not as good as i expecte...