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karrigan benched
Kick karrigan, get rid of robban, buy spunj to coach, get simple = profit.
x-kom vs
NiP fell off in a major and major qualifier. VP were rubbish all year... NiP actually played well in the ”seasons” all year when that happened. This is a whole new level of sad.
BB Faceit 06.12.2018
They should have updated VAC significatly before making it free2play...
ENCE vs SuperJymy
About a week ago, the sun was doing a normal 8h work day = 8-16 xD
ENCE vs SuperJymy
Reported today on the radio: 4h of sunlight in november thus far. Plus its cold.
Album of the year?
Its been a really boring year for albums in my opinion (tells u a lot, if most are saying Kamikaze is the best album *facepalm*). Im usually an album person, meaning i listen to albums instead of rand...
leather jacket help
2nd, less zippers and stuff. Will last longer. Also the front "patches" on the 1st one seem like they will "hang" after using it for a while..
I am going to war :(
Hmm, how can you be in the defense army, but still be in reserve.. Hmm.
How to bind buy ak/aug
#2 is correct
how u discover hltv
A long, long time ago... Its been the best site for results since the start. Even if i didnt wanna switch from SK to HLTV back in the days :D
New NaVi
"were fucking insane under Zeus" They had one good tournament.. That was the Major.
G2 VP or Cloud9?
VP 100% If you think about the results-.- its clearly VP. G2 is a good second, as someone already pointed out... They WANTED this lineup.. SIgh.
mousesports vs ENCE
Allu vs Sunny!! #hype Tough match for ENCE though. GL!
Spotify or Apple Music
So... the options are...? Spotify with commercials (which i dont think is available in every country) or downloading torrents? Listening to radio? Youtube? But i think the new youtube music costs some...
Spotify or Apple Music
So does Apple music....? Its just free for 3 months. Just like spotify is for 1 month. Same as Tidal.