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Man Utd
Well yea, you're right about Shaw. But Lindelöf isn't class enough... He's always 1 or 2 steps behind.
Man Utd
Top 4 is easy (Pool, City, Chealsea, Arsenal), but 5th and 6th seed is open: Spurs, ManU, Everton, Wolves, Leicester... And after that game, hard to believe ManU would stand a chance against any of ...
Man Utd
Lindelöf and Shaw have to go :D
5 global elite vs Astrails(only 50hp each one)
If you know how to play: yes. You dont need amazing aim, bit of brains and undestanding of what your enemies might do... which is really not hard in a 2on2.
5 global elite vs Astrails(only 50hp each one)
Cmon, i play 2-4h once or twice per two weeks and i can easily keep my global rank, both wingman and mm... I dont know/remember/want to know any smokes. Still im pretty mediocre in mm. I get max 100 f...
5 global elite vs Astrails(only 50hp each one)
What...? Its so easy to get global in Wingman...
rip pop smoke
Just played de_train and i smoked pop with a pop smoke. Its a shame you cant do it anymore, rip pop smoke's. Also rip this rapper called pop smoke who ive never heard of. :|
MP9 from that distance, sigh. No need for all this hate.
Evil Geniuses vs FaZe
Win one, drop in groups, win one... lets see what happens. #inconsistent
Evil Geniuses vs FaZe
Its funny how everytime EG win a tournament they get praised like ”ethan has finally found his form”. The key thing is that its one tournament there, one tournament here.. its just luck, they keep hav...
first CS tournament you remember watching?
Some clanbase nations cup in like 2003... :X
ropz bot?
Ropz is really underwhelming in almost every game... Woxic has really good games here and there. Frozen is supposed to be a star player also... But still its usually ChrisJ carrying them over big opp...
Nip/Fnatic fix
Pretty sure its gonna be like... fnatic: jw brollan rez krimz hampus nip: forest draken plopski (would be in fnatic instead of hampus, but just signed) lekro olof/flusha fnatic seem to want to get...
the falldown of half life tv
Just let it be. Hes clearly in a sensitive spot atm, dont argue...