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Evil Geniuses vs FaZe
Win one, drop in groups, win one... lets see what happens. #inconsistent
Evil Geniuses vs FaZe
Its funny how everytime EG win a tournament they get praised like ”ethan has finally found his form”. The key thing is that its one tournament there, one tournament here.. its just luck, they keep hav...
first CS tournament you remember watching?
Some clanbase nations cup in like 2003... :X
But im sure a lot of people would be interested in beer made in Neverneverland or Mordor.. At least that Mordor beer has to gots some awesome smoke flavour in it. Same thing?
ropz bot?
Ropz is really underwhelming in almost every game... Woxic has really good games here and there. Frozen is supposed to be a star player also... But still its usually ChrisJ carrying them over big opp...
Nip/Fnatic fix
Pretty sure its gonna be like... fnatic: jw brollan rez krimz hampus nip: forest draken plopski (would be in fnatic instead of hampus, but just signed) lekro olof/flusha fnatic seem to want to get...
the falldown of half life tv
Just let it be. Hes clearly in a sensitive spot atm, dont argue...
how old did you start playing cs?
2002 - 15yr old
I rate ur music taste
Animal Collective Tennis Run the Jewels
Your salary in USD
Finland, production engineer, bit over 4000$/m
Sprout vs OpTic
No one in this lineup is doing well tbh. Most of them have still proven that they can do damage in different roles (msl as an awper, mvp #neverforget :p).
Tricked vs Ancient
I cant believe it.. if tricked win this, theyve qualified for the EU minor by beating Nordavind and Ancient. Wiuh.
Sprout vs OpTic
Such a failed lineup. Refrezh deserves a better team. I wonder what will happen to this team after the Optic/Immortal deal.
Sprout vs OpTic
Awesome comment.
Liquid vs ENCE
Oh true! Good to see that. Its been a while!