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Why cloud9 is doing this? Trials and trials, they lost in group stage with Golden and STYKO, why they continue doing it
Who would you like cloud9 to get?
Having Ex6 and Smithz on the same team just blows my mind... Still cant figure out how that is supposed to work.
Astralis vs MIBR
That makes no sense what so ever...
Astralis vs MIBR
So when is the game starting? It says 15:00, but its already 21:17 in Finland, so thats like 19.17 in the UK?
No they shouldnt :D Even Karrigan is better for the team.
x-kom vs ENCE
It would be awesome if ence actually tried to win their opponents map picks also :)...
NiP will win DH Stokholm
Ghost and NRG are gonna be tough opponents. I would bet on them getting at least 10 rounds. Overall.
Chinese language
This has to be a troll. A polish person making fun of another language.
ENCE vs Space Soldiers
ENCE vs Space Soldiers
Why did ENCE pick Nuke instead of Dust2 :S Just because HAVU destroyed them on it...? Wow.
Such a great tournament for NiP.
Which companies are the pride of ur country?
Coca Cola is finnish, cos ive seen the commercials and theres santa and snow and they talk finnish in the commercial. And! They sell it in Finland, ive seen it in stores in Helsinki. #Micdrop
Tomorrow's matches wc 2k18
3-0 uruguay vs egypt 1-1 marocco vs iran 2-2 spain vs portugal
AGO vs mousesports
Wind and Rain vs
Time to let snax and neo go... I feel like byali can still show up in certain games. Pasha has been almost carrying (lol!) the team and michu has potential... just start rebuilding. Two new, young pl...