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Run the fucking jewels... no doubt about it.
dress--- DOWN
Thanks for the share, cool vibes. The whole album seems good đź‘Ť
Man Utd
Well yea, you're right about Shaw. But Lindelöf isn't class enough... He's always 1 or 2 steps behind.
Man Utd
Top 4 is easy (Pool, City, Chealsea, Arsenal), but 5th and 6th seed is open: Spurs, ManU, Everton, Wolves, Leicester... And after that game, hard to believe ManU would stand a chance against any of ...
Man Utd
Lindelöf and Shaw have to go :D
5 global elite vs Astrails(only 50hp each one)
If you know how to play: yes. You dont need amazing aim, bit of brains and undestanding of what your enemies might do... which is really not hard in a 2on2.
5 global elite vs Astrails(only 50hp each one)
Cmon, i play 2-4h once or twice per two weeks and i can easily keep my global rank, both wingman and mm... I dont know/remember/want to know any smokes. Still im pretty mediocre in mm. I get max 100 f...
5 global elite vs Astrails(only 50hp each one)
What...? Its so easy to get global in Wingman...
ASUS ROG Winter 2020 set to start
Easy for BekSih. Playing in both group A and B!
rip pop smoke
Just played de_train and i smoked pop with a pop smoke. Its a shame you cant do it anymore, rip pop smoke's. Also rip this rapper called pop smoke who ive never heard of. :|
MP9 from that distance, sigh. No need for all this hate.
CR4ZY agree CS:GO team sale
Can you just replace letn1 and emi? This just looks sad for espirsnto and ottond :(
ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals group draw, initial matchups revealed
Thats how seeding works, but... -mousesports is beatable... -north can always surprise, liquid can choke again -tyloo is showing up in CAC -G2 is beatable... I doubt we will see a predictable tourna...
Evil Geniuses vs FaZe
Win one, drop in groups, win one... lets see what happens. #inconsistent
Evil Geniuses vs FaZe
Its funny how everytime EG win a tournament they get praised like ”ethan has finally found his form”. The key thing is that its one tournament there, one tournament here.. its just luck, they keep hav...