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Such a great tournament for NiP.
Which companies are the pride of ur country?
Coca Cola is finnish, cos ive seen the commercials and theres santa and snow and they talk finnish in the commercial. And! They sell it in Finland, ive seen it in stores in Helsinki. #Micdrop
Tomorrow's matches wc 2k18
3-0 uruguay vs egypt 1-1 marocco vs iran 2-2 spain vs portugal
AGO vs mousesports
Wind and Rain vs
Time to let snax and neo go... I feel like byali can still show up in certain games. Pasha has been almost carrying (lol!) the team and michu has potential... just start rebuilding. Two new, young pl...
Clearly... Favourites 1. Denmark 2. Russia/Finland
Oh yea, weve won against 3 shitty teams. Lets see how we play against USA/Canada and then jump into conclusions.. :|
OKC lol
That last 1:30 wasnt very beatiful by the Jazz either.. D:
World Cup
Allez les Bleus!
SK Gaming will recover?
This made me think: Yea i see Boltz in dress, would suit her. I see a flashback of that Simpsons episode where Homer wears a flower gown.
Hopefully not, i hate reggae and ska is even worse... Its like for stoner with energy.. Its just annoying.
Mousesports - godlike chokers
Consistency is something they really need to work on. Oskar is a top 3 awp when hes really on point, but he gets either outplayed or just chokes in big games. Sunny has his moments, but not really s...
Crazy that pretty much 4 players could get the mvp-title from one team .. (if, or when, they win overpass).
the cringiest netflix series?
Legends of Tomorrow :D No idea why i watched it. The storylines do not make any sense... The acting is like from a b-movie and its really unwatchable... I skipped like half of the episodes :D Also Th...
s1mple smart bait
Was the "smart" thing he did the fact that he smoked and flashed and he took one player out with the bomb? Wow. Wow. Wow. Thats like.... Thats like elementary.