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gief cs plox.
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Gen.G roster
It isn't Cromen, the face is too thin. Pretty sure it's Shazham - Ye, you can see the glasses just above the ears. Shahzam 100%
FACEIT Level Tenz vs Dirty Peek Petes
Laggiest stream i've ever seen...
1440 res people come here
Try going to "start menu > settings > system > Focus assist" and then turn/check everything off. Then test your game again.
Sound proof booths
Why, because it's a fire hazard or something?
Up, down, left, right, Hold A and press Start
zywoo s1mple montage))
My teeth are so yellow they glow in the dark. True story.
zywoo s1mple montage))
Yes yes, big bell clicked. Very fun have with your youtuber carer mens.
zywoo s1mple montage))
Sorry, i'll add my opinion now. Awful, just awful and disliked. Thank you, bye bye.
zywoo s1mple montage))
Duh fuck man, the video is from 4 years ago, why are you just deciding to link this here now?
CS's Biggest Traitor
You can't honestly sit there and tell me he wasn't cheating at this LAN event. Most blatant i've ever seen
O Cobble!! My Cobble!!
Not at all, they're changing it due to feedback to make it a better map and i agree the map is actually really good once you learn to play it.
CS's Biggest Traitor
BONA, about as blatant as forsaken if not more. :D
Revised plan to pull girl who locked eyes with me.
Hell yeah man, GL by the way! :D
Revised plan to pull girl who locked eyes with me.
Create a video of it for HLTV, so we can judge your performance/plan in more detail.
and GeT_RiGhT did it first, so he just stole it from him :D.