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CS:GO Confirms Half-Life 3
Also if you take the "E" out of "VALVE" and turn it around it is a 3. Half-Life Ǝ Confirmed soon.
Legija joins Envy
Yeah, would make the most sense for sure.
Legija joins Envy
Oh shit yeah, completely forgot he was there coach tbh. You right, perhaps not the greatest addition then. Who know's though, guess we'll see :D
Legija joins Envy
There's always room to learn new things man, don't think so broadly. He has a shit ton of experience and plenty to share.
Legija joins Envy
Good move tbh, Legija may not be the greatest player, but he's smart af in game and definitely has a shit ton to teach. Solid pick up.
fRoD defends leaf There you go bud, educate yourself ;)
I guess your football team
Nope, but close. I live in the West Midlands.
I guess your football team
UK Yes Good luck.
ajuri vs hREDS
So is BONA, so bet on his team too.
CSGO Update !!!
You could do that in the start of CSGO too, there were loads of epic flash boost spots on nuke and other various maps :D Example:
r8 arizona girl
Can confirm, she came to the UK on holiday i met her in the pub so naturally i bought her a pint and she told me she was going to Cyprus for an internship. Small world.
Source2 leaked image
xD, nice gulag picture.
Steam profile pic with "an0-_^" I'll let you decide the theme etc, :) Thanks!
Are you using an AMD GPU? If so you need to install older drivers, it's a common issue on some AMD GPU's.