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gief cs plox.
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juliano to male team
Well, yeah that's true i suppose. I just don't trust him, he seems slimey :D.
juliano to male team
Schneider literally got caught injecting his hack live on stream, and whilst it was happening he was like "omg what is this, i'm being hacked" and then shut his stream down. Pretty hilarious stuff, he...
does this guy cheat?
Doesn't know where to plant on nuke, literally tries to plant on the railing then afterwards tries to plant on top of the silo which you haven't been able to for ages. Then has the aim of ScreaM... 1...
New mod counter strike 1.6
He's trolling, it isn't even on faceit. That's there games list.
Mythic add anger, summit to backup
It's not as though it's supposed to be a serious team though is it, it's for fun for there streams so it really doesn't matter who they add as long as they enjoy playing with them.
NiP changes confirmed (GOOD SOURCE)
Twist refused to join NiP whilst they were still a contender for the top 3, he isn't going to join now.
Pita to NiP
Thought about that myself, it's not a bad idea tbh. They have 2 choices really, it's either do that or get in a more structured ingame leader to call the shots when they're actually ingame so they ...
The New NiP
I think -friberg then +either Pronax or Barbarr would be a good choice for NiP. They need an IGL that will give them more structure ingame like fnatic did with pronax until he wasn't necessary anymore...
Infused unveil new roster
redSNK is leading the team dude, RattlesnK is the awper.
Smix nudes
Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid,the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off.
Why SK is Best
Could go either way in my opinion, they may be against better opponents but the better opponents would know how to prepare for them at future events. It's a you say tomato, i say tomatoe situation.
Why SK is Best
Doesn't seem to be affecting them that much to me, i don't understand what your point is.
Why SK is Best
Being in NA is actually an advantage for them, easy qualifiers for majors/other tournaments etc. The EU teams only get to play them at the big tournaments so they have no chance to anti-strat/learn...
Origin of i aren't think that?
oof you almosted give me earth attack, i think a meme vac.