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FaZe CT side
Yup, it hurt to watch! But you could look back from the match that there was zero coordination on the CT-side of FAZE. Niko was dying multiple times after flashes thrown by Olof giving away Niko's po...
S1mple leave
electronic costed that Mirage's game man.
Exactly this XD
wats ur Englih lvl?
London is mai kantri
-Fitch now
Let fitch to be an IGL for Gambit! Perhaps this sounds ridiculous but who knows maybe he will do better than Adren or Dosia.
-Fitch now
+1 let's see what will happen in the future. I can't wait to see fitch to get replaced by a proper IGL, since he's not a best-fit for Gambit.
-Fitch now
That's also possible since starix's approach on in-game leading is similar to Zeus back on NAVI. Well, it all depends on Gambit. I hope they will read this thread.
-Fitch now
+1 but the coach should also give some inputs on team strategy and how to counter their opponents.
-Fitch now
This is also a viable option. If they take ANGE1 again, Gambit will be the Astana Dragon V2 but with an upgraded player (Hobbit instead of Kucher).
-Fitch now
Well he can learn to aim 24x7 non-stop on DM server, or whatever possible to increase his aiming capability. As long as he pushes his limit, I think he can break his shell and become a better player.
-Fitch now
They don't need another fragger in the team, what they seem to lack on at the moment is leadership. And this can be brought by getting Blad3 from Flipsid3. Let Adren, Hobbit and Mou focus on the fragg...
Finally there is someone with a brain on HLTV.
peacemaker thing
TBH there is a huge skill gap between a player and a coach. The Dramamaker won't put much damage at the Boston major even though he was a former pro player in 1.6. And why would Valve give him a stick...
IQ Test
cry is free :'(