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It's sad that people make bait threads like this all the time and I see the same people argue over and over
contact lens users
Used contacts for years but found that it strains my eyes a lot by the end of the day, glasses are much better for me at least
Kio emptying inventory after KQLY ban
I'm just saying it's suspicious, no other player did that and you can see the reasoning I'm going by, never said he cheated, just that it is a possibility
Kio emptying inventory after KQLY ban
So it's not suspicious that during a time when salaries weren't high and people are getting VAC banned, that a person coincidentally empties his inventory as soon as the news broke out, which he can s...
Kio emptying inventory after KQLY ban
Although I don't think anyone is cheating in 2019, back then there probably were more cheaters besides KQLY and Sf that were caught and might be playing to this day, kio emptying his entire inventory ...
UFC 235
Usman is a beast, hope that fight turns out amazing
MIBR is hard to like
Feels like a lot of people hate on mibr just because of the fans, to me personally they're one of the best teams to watch in big tournaments and just because their fans are annoying shouldn't make you...
Dutch Police - WTF ? hahaha
Made me laugh, thanks
ruined major
I think you might have the wrong idea of what a balanced game is. In CS:GO you each have 15 rounds to play on each side potentially with the same resources available to use however you see fit, by you...
ruined major
Your point would be valid if teams could only play one side each map, considering that they switch at halftime and both teams have access to the same resources it is balanced
ruined major
He is correct, your representation of his point is an extreme that doesn't exist in the game, everyone has a chance to play with it
Balkan people
The unis you have are probably better but not that significant that an engineering degree here is useless in your country
[18+] HLTV Mental Health Megathread
How do you think playing CS affected your condition? Also congrats on overcoming the difficulties that have been thrown at you, hope you have an enjoyable life :)
Rich Europeans countries
It's hard to argue we're not poor compared to the rest of Europe, but there is a point to be made that people exaggerate how shitty our countries are
Japanese JuJitsu
A martial art is useful if you have full contact sparing, if it doesn't it's pure shit, although if you're having second thoughts just go take BJJ or boxing