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who is first in group b?
It's Navi.
s0mple iq
Yeah, there is no point arguing with this guy.
s0mple iq
You are wrong. Head to head is the decider, fnatic has no chance to be #1.
mini hands game ban
Then your reply doesn't make any sense, cause the OP is talking about a VAC ban.
mini hands game ban
You don't get VAC for that, VAC is an automated ban for cheating. So your friend is cheating and trolling
r8 Venezuelan Army
And thanks God we don't play by your rules. We only care about our well-being, so what you want is not relevant at all. But yeah, the debt with your country is BIG and we are paying you, even if the ...
r8 Venezuelan Army
Yeah I know, thank for the warning, first we'll get rid of this government and then for sure we need to deal with them, thanks for the support =).
r8 Venezuelan Army
And here we go, the hatter that know about MY country even more than me. You are not here dude, I am not even arguing with you about this. And btw, do a little research about the sanctions and those ...
r8 Venezuelan Army
Dude, you speak like you believe what those dictators tell Venezuelan people everyday. Do you think a country so rich like us could be like this cause USA wanted to? They are just useless and they are...
r8 Venezuelan Army
And even though he has been the only one who has done any damage to this fucking corrupt government, so I don´t care if he is a fucking puppet or not. And what do you think? That China and Russia sup...
spot the difference
Smoke at the bottom of the left wing of the upper bat is different.
Spanish class
No, it is wey.
I invite you to go there too and see how is there with your own eyes. And I hope you can get out alive.