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ignore this yellow theet i mean hes from uk so anything he says about cs is irrelevant
G1aive crying before match
just kick coldzera jesus baiting his teammates 24/7. how can someone defend a player that even in tier1 keeps baiting his teammates and get nothing out of it
You have a uk flag??? Like???
Coldzera ruined Faze
renegades one
cant u fucking see that blast was pure fluke just like cloud9 being top1 for like 4 days? this team with niko igl and the master baiter himself will never work out, just get a real igl and stop wastin...
Coldzera ruined Faze
coldzera has to be the pro player that lost mor 16-0 in history? i can think right now of 4 16-0
GeT_RiGhT new team
Xizt/GTR/Friberg have been playing together lately so one would assume they Will be on a team together
EG #1 team
are u that stupid? liquid dodge this tournament which means they will win no points meanwhile fnatic reached the final so they will win points and be ahead of liquid in the hltv rankings.
LoL Worlds
G2 Grand Slam, ez for Claps
EG #1 team
1.Astralis 2.EG 3.Fnatic 4.Liquid 5.Vitality/Renegades?
New Zowie EC2 RED Tyloo
dont have it yet but thank you
New Zowie EC2 RED Tyloo
hate the light "divina" colours im thankful im patient and waited for a new version of the ec series
New Zowie EC2 RED Tyloo
hate that colour tbh
New Zowie EC2 RED Tyloo
thats the divina series
New Zowie EC2 RED Tyloo
i dont like the divina colours at all, i like the Darker versions just like this version