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just because BiG played well, doesn't mean that the decision made 2 months ago was the right one. Based on the results back then, their invite was not deserved other than for the nationality of the te...
zowie xl2540 or xl2546 for sure, you could see in first day pictures the red zowie logo
Squared vs Zonic
interesting match up square vs circle
Airport CEO hype - triple A game of the year!
somehow this reminded me of Theme Hospital and how I played it a lot :(
next major 7 legends?
as long as they get 3/5 they will get the slot; if hen1 and lucas1 don't stay in IMT, they will join kng.
K1o poker
he's VERY far lol
zowie gsr
https://www.box.co.uk/Zowie-G-SR-SE-Limited-Edition-Blue-Large_2148350.html bought mine here, you can ask them when will they have stock
144hz vs 240 hz?
if you have >240 fps, then it is much smoother. Not like 60 to 144 but still relevant enough difference
Ceh9 about BIG
I know he didn't, just took the chance to show how small was his sportsmanship back then, people should not forget
Ceh9 about BIG
"I can safely say Ive never met a more unprofessional guy than him." coming from ceh9 who have kicked cables to shut the game down during tournaments and also ghosting. Example: https://www.hltv.org...
Can f3 upset c9?
it was a joke about how F3 only cares about the major qualifier... not surprising that it went over your head american. Are you a Trump voter too?
Can f3 upset c9?
major qualifier and flipsid3 involved? it is only an upset if F3 loses
Best mouse?
Any ZOWIE, Logitech G403, Logitech G Pro, DeathAdder, Rival 300. Those all have good sensors, just pick the shape that better suits you. (3366 is better than 3310 but a more suited shape is more relev...
Best mouse?
none of the top5 is sponsored by zowie lol
27" 240hz Monitor
what's wrong with 240hz? The Acer, ASUS, ZOWIE being released now are true 240hz and not the fake EIZO kind.