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Zowie EC2-A, Deathadder, or Zowie Za-12
Of course you can't ignore the sensor if you're buying random mice. But since top tier mice all have great sensors, it's more about the shape now.
Zowie EC2-A, Deathadder, or Zowie Za-12
I have the ZA.. I don't really much like the shape, even though I use claw grip. I feel the bump is too high, also the buttons are abit stiff, but the sensor is incredible. So I would say you shoul...
Zowie EC2-A, Deathadder, or Zowie Za-12
Neither the sensei or DA13 have the 3310 sensor or above. Sensei even is a laser mouse. Zowie EC1/2-A, Rival and few other mice are all going to feel as fast as the IE 3.0. If you want a shape that...
Zowie EC2-A, Deathadder, or Zowie Za-12
You will get better than 3.0 these days. You're all just caught in the nostalgia trips instead of looking at the actual sensors. Every 3310 sensor and above beats the shit out of 3.0. I have a 3.0 ...
Zowie EC2-A, Deathadder, or Zowie Za-12
All mice with the 3310 sensor and above. Like rival, Zowie, G303. But if you want a mouse identical to 3.0, then rival for sure.
Zowie EC2-A, Deathadder, or Zowie Za-12
Everything about mice, is about the shape. If you can find that magical grip that just fits perfectly in your hands without being annoyed by ANYTHING, then that is the mouse that's going to be your fa...
razer deathadder chroma vs logitech g303?
If you prefer small mice: G303 by far, rapes every mouse out there. If you have big hands and use palm grip, then deathadder.
fnatic gear!?
Thats a very, very weird country you live in.
fnatic gear!?
Define much? more like a 5$ difference between that mouse and the rival.
fnatic gear!?
I don't want to start any hate train, but it uses the same sensor as the Zowie mice, Rival and Finalmouse along with a few others. So unless you're purely interested in the shape (which looks horri...
1280x960 vs 1280x720
1024x768 stretched. To "answer" your question. 1280x800 stretched also good.