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The Best Player In CS:GO So Far.
mad strory
NiP/VP Replay!
First map at Mirage is this far the best ive seen in CS: GO, especially when showing players cam emotions it becomes even greater.
NiP's Sniper
As they are on a (LAN) winningstreak I dunno why NiP should occupy the best frontman rifler(/pistoler) in history of CS with a AWP. This is for the moment a terrible idea and makes no sense at all, ...
de_inferno_ce [Latest (Final?) Update]
Found this replay, final match with Vox Eminor vs Athletico on inferno_ce. (about 2 hours into the vid it starts)
ce_inferno > se_inferno
Match between Vox Eminor vs Athletico at inferno_ce (starts around 2 hours).
GeT_RiGhT vs Anexis
Best clutcher ever mb, he is the ultimate lurker/backstabber sent from future.
Movement god
f0rest is top1 as agressive movementfragger. It takes much more of you as a player and talent. While foxj defensive slack play is barely nothing near impressive compared to f0rest, (but best of Por...
Movement god
Im not a *ickhead im just telling the truth wich you can't handle, its ok. You felt pretty darn owned with the clip i posted, i see. But its ok. You can cry in my arms next time aswell. Over and...
Movement god
So "pls" tell me foxj this is not great movement?
Movement god
Yeah please explain why f0rest didnt had one of the best movementpatterns, he only stood there like bot and clicked mouse 1. yeah? fucklogic
Movement god
Movement god
crycomment is crycomment Go play some surf~movementS~ This is real CS
Movement god
frag 1, the haxx, frag 2, the godly "aimbot" reflex, frag 3, "ok bye bye drivebye", frag 4, the aggressive "movement"frag, 5, the smartest play you can imagine in one single clip http://www.yout...
Movement god
Skillpeak, not hard[On] xD
Movement god
f0rest had the movement wich was perfectly optimized for the agressive plays like none else. Edward is/was basicly a diehard fan of f0rest, and you can tell the way he tried to copy everything as a fl...