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shoowtime? LUL
pbf is preparing for his marriage next month he doesnt stand a spot in the villa mix team
+1 i cumfirm
iDk? Is he the best rifler in br right now?
KNG Alpha Male
well now IMT can pick up a much worse NA player who will represent the org much better for soft kids... fucking millenials and their beta behavior...
KNG Alpha Male
fucking up his future? haha guy is insane talented, a truly cs monster... it's just a matter of time to LG contract him and meanwhile he is still getting his salary from IMT
cold (and taco as well) and felps didnt like eachother as well
KNG Alpha Male
+1 other players like hen1 and lucas1 should exactly make what the org says... those twins are fcking cowards kNg is a man of honor and word, he's a guy that has his problem and a hard personality, ...
KNG Alpha Male
+1 he's a monster he'll be back soon cause he's talented and his raw skill is huuuuuuge
3900 Hours 15y/o and i have a GF AMA
Nahh I'm single I'm fine hanging out with my friends and getting girls in the night
3900 Hours 15y/o and i have a GF AMA
lol it seems a disney fairytail... I can even feel the horns gowing in your head mate haha
3900 Hours 15y/o and i have a GF AMA
dont be sad... since you fuck her as well... no problem... you are a nerd after all, a girl is good enough for you even if she cucks you
3900 Hours 15y/o and i have a GF AMA
Well I know it's gonna be hard to accept buuuut... you're probably a cuck =]
kNg is a GOD
if you ever go out from you moms basement and come to BR you gonna see what I'm talking about. Try to make jokes about a brazilian at his face and your dear mom will never see you again.